Performance 2022

First quarter 2022

The results for the first quarter of 2022 are negative. The yield of Class A for the quarter stands at -10.97% with a volatility of 3.73% during the same period (risk exposure).

As we mentioned in our quarterly commentary covering the period from October to December 2021, we had more data available to implement new strategy selections and market filters.

Due to the unfavorable conditions in January 2022, we made the decision to suspend all fund strategies and cease trading in futures contracts.

This precautionary measure helped us avoid exposure to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and the financial market turmoil that followed.

Our goal is to re-enter the market during the current quarter, based on the new strategies we have been developing since February.

The following data is therefore based solely on the month of January 2022.

Third quarter 2022

The results for the third quarter of 2022 are nearly balanced but slightly declining. The yield of Class A for the quarter stands at 4.63%.

As we informed you earlier, we have resumed our operations since late July 2022. This period has been utilized to revalidate all the techniques used and improve them.

Since the restart of our business, the strategies employed have generated profits

Fourth quarter 2022

The results for the third quarter of 2022 have returned to growth. The yield for Class A for the quarter comes in at 5.85%.

The year 2022 has been marked by major events to which we have adapted.

The strategies used have proven to be robust as they are positive for the year 2022.

Armed with this observation, we are ready to face all the challenges for this new year 2023, which promises to be unique in several respects; here are the factors that will directly impact global markets:

  1. Continuation of the fight against inflation in the United States by continuing to raise the Federal Reserve’s rates ;
  2. Health policy pursued in China, with a risk of deflation ;
  3. Decline in global growth, the impact of which will be more or less significant depending on the two factors mentioned above ;
  4. Evolution of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.
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