Quantitative hedge fund

QuantK a private fund specializing in futures markets

Welcome to QuantK, a private quantitative hedge fund specializing in futures markets. We exclusively trade in US indices, commodities, bonds, and currencies. This strategy allows us to offer significant diversification to our investors while avoiding liquidity or default risks. Futures markets enable us to trade in standardized contracts with predetermined expiration dates on regulated exchanges, providing transparency and reducing counterparty risks.

We have a quantitative trading approach, which means we use sophisticated algorithms to analyze market data and identify the most profitable opportunities. We also maintain low volatility, seeking to minimize risks while maximizing returns for our investors.

QuantK’s primary objective is to achieve an annual return of at least 15%, net of commissions. The Fund is designed to grow its capital in the long term while generating consistent returns that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. It is important to note that portfolio management is based on a quantitative approach, meaning that the portfolio composition never seeks to replicate the composition of a benchmark index at a geographical or sector level.

At QuantK, we have chosen a compensation model that aims to align our interests with those of our investors. We do not charge any entry, exit, or management fees, ensuring that our investors do not incur hidden costs. Instead, we solely collect performance commissions in the event of successful returns. This approach assures our investors that our interests and those of our management firm are aligned with the portfolio’s performance. Performance commissions are tied to the fund’s results, ensuring that we are only rewarded if we generate attractive returns for our investors, creating an environment of transparency and equitability.

We take pride in our transparency and clear communication with our investors and believe that open and honest communication is essential for maintaining a trusting relationship.

We are pleased to offer our investors this opportinuty to be part of a sophisticated and diversified quantitative trading fund that seeks to maximize returns while minimizing risks. With 75% of our positions lasting no more than a day, we are able to adapt quickly to market changes and maintain flexibility to capitalize on investment opportunities.

We are confident that QuantK is a wise choice for investors seeking a sophisticated and diversified complement to their traditional investments.

Contact us to find out more about our private quantitative hedge fund.

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