Risk management policy

The main risks associated with derivative financial instruments

Partial capital protection

Through the use and selection of highly liquid futures contracts and strict risk management policies, the Fund protects 50% of assets. This protection gives investors the security of not losing more than 50% of their invested capital.

Risk related to derivative instruments and leverage

The Fund uses derivative financial instruments for trading and hedging purposes, including managing risks or taking positions more efficiently or effectively than it could with more traditional vehicle. Please note that derivative financial instruments may involve leverage and the risk of increased volatility, and as a result, the Fund may be exposed to additional risks and expenses. Derivative financial instruments offer the potential for increased returns but also carry a higher risk for your investment.

Liquidity risk

The Fund holds positions significantly in derivative financial instruments, which are generally liquid in nature but may, under certain circumstances, have a relatively low level of liquidity, impacting the overall liquidity risk of the Fund.

Risk related to the investment strategy

The success of the Fund depends on the performance of strategies. Management decisions are based on mathematical analysis of technical factors related to past performance and market activity, while profitability depends on the strategy’s ability to continue successfully identifying market trends and utilizes for positioning.

Foreign exchange risk

The Fund is invested in US dollars. Currency exchange rates fluctuate, creating both negative and positive foreign exchange risk for the investor holding assets denominated in a foreign currency.

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